Formal Package

Look amazing from every camera angle! Includes up-style or hair styling of choice, make up application, followed by a file and paint of your finger nails.

$250 - 2.5 Hours

Pre-Formal Package

Bronzed and radiant. Around a week before your event you’ll enjoy a facial that is tailored to your skin type and condition, so your skin is fresh, clean and glowing. The day before your formal we will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your body ready for a rich, natural looking airbrush spray tan.

$260 - 2 Hours

Aveda Tulasara Calm Facial Treatment

A totally personalised solution. Focussing on treating your acne symptoms and its causes, the treatment will help clear the skin without drying or irritation. Suitable for all skin types, it includes consultation, professional exfoliation, pore extractions, redness reduction, stress relief techniques, diet and other individualised tips. A four-week series with home care is recommended for optimum results.

$170 - 60 Mins
$210 - 90 Mins

Your Skincare Lesson

Learn about your skin. Your very own interactive session to unlock your individual radiance. Your therapist will help you learn about your skin type and care techniques to respond to your skin’s condition. Lesson includes personalised product selections and application techniques.

$50 - 30 Mins

Your Make Up Lesson

60 mins

Learn about your look. Your very own interactive session to unlock your individual beauty. Your make up specialist will help you learn the techniques to respond to your skin type and condition and highlight your best features, resulting in an expert make up look. Lesson includes personalised face charts detailing colour and application techniques

$90 - 60 Mins

Hairstyling Lesson

Learn about your style. Your very own interactive session to unlock your individual style. Your stylist will help you understand your hair, discuss new trends and show you the techniques to achieve the latest styles. Lesson includes personalised style selections and styling techniques.

$90 - 60 mins

Total Beauty Lesson

The ultimate in self-care discovery. You’ll learn how to keep your skin healthy, how to expertly apply make up, and style your hair like a professional.

$250 - 2.5 hours