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The process of hair colouring passionately at Cocos

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Tai is: Tai is a senior stylist and the salon manager at Coco’s hair and day spa
One of our most popular colour styles is the low maintenance sombre. The lightning effect of a sombre starts higher on the head than the traditional ombre and can be coupled with babylights to create a more youthful looking, nuanced colour style with dimensions of depth not otherwise achievable through traditional colour methods.

Our client came in presenting with a bad case of not having been into the Salon for 6 months with 12 – 15 centimeters of regrowth and substantial damage to the ends of her hair. During the consultation process the client let Tai know that she wanted to go lighter but did not want to use Olaplex (what is Olaplex, and why is it awesome?). As Salon manager Tai leads from the front in best practice at Coco’s. Our client was told that it may not be possible to take her colour as light as she wanted to go because of the risk of irreparable damage to her hair.

Our consultations are one part conversation and one part negotiation. As hairdressers we often see what can happen when you try to do too much all in one sitting.

The clients hair was cut to a length just above her shoulders in order to remove the damaged, dry and split portions at the end of the hair. Sometimes we colour before we cut, and sometimes we colour afterwards. In the case of this client, we cut the hair before we applied the colour simply because 15 centimeters or so of hair had to be removed. The resulting cutting style is fashionably known as a Lob (or long bob).

After the cut, colour was applied in half centimeter sections known as babylights (fine weaves of hair are coloured individually). The application of the colour took one hour and we worked only on the regrowth portion of the clients hair. Total processing time for the colour after it was applied was around 35 – 40 minutes.

Due to the clients hair colour being darker on the regrowth than on the previously dyed portions of her hair, three different toners had to be used in order to create a uniform effect that was both soft and appealing. These toners are applied so that colour holds for longer periods of time.

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